You realize you're reading a blog right? And that blogs reporting on other blogs is basically par for the course. And... Because it's a blog, the authors are totally entitled to have whatever sort of slant or bias they desire, and they can publish anything regardless of whether or not it is even factually based. … » 12/01/11 3:11pm 12/01/11 3:11pm

Before the vaccine was available about 100 children died of primary chicken pox infection every year in the US. Getting infected is not always benign, and can result in serious injury or death to a child. While the vaccine isn't 100% effective, if you become infected after receiving the vaccine you will experience a… » 11/04/11 9:51pm 11/04/11 9:51pm

There is no vaccination going on here. Basically what happens is couples where one partner is infected volunteer to participate in the study. The groups are split into control and placebo groups and they are given anti-retroviral drugs or sugar pills. The study shows that the groups getting anti-retroviral drugs… » 5/12/11 9:01pm 5/12/11 9:01pm

I read an article a few months ago talking about the fact that NASA didn't know what to do with the retiring shuttles because they were extremely expensive to restore and keep as museum pieces. It was my understanding that essentially anyone who wanted one and could pony up the money to turn it into a public… » 4/12/11 4:50pm 4/12/11 4:50pm

Sooo... He's also suggesting that women would have to wait until after there was a sex crimes conviction to be able to receive abortion related services??? Wouldn't the kid be something like two years old by the time that happens? Yet another vile attempt by these people to put their nose where it has no business… » 4/06/11 5:43pm 4/06/11 5:43pm

Actually... I live in Portland, OR and there were many independently owned and smaller chains of coffee shops here in town that were either bought by or run out of business by Starbucks in the early 2000s. Recently, the tide has turned somewhat and the smaller shops seem to be making a comeback. However, exactly… » 3/08/11 5:07am 3/08/11 5:07am